Senior Citizens Health Conditions


As we reach our later years we are at risk of a great many health concerns. The list of senior citizens health conditions is a long and complex one. It includes both mental as well as physical issues and some people will be plagued with both.

It can only be expected that, as time takes it toll on our bodies, we will experience some deterioration in our physical and mental wellbeing. That is not to say that once we have retired we are on the scrap heap and just waiting until our lives are over. Far from it. There has been a huge amount of medical research taking place over the last century, and indeed much longer, and this has paved the way for a greater understanding of the aging process. We are now much more educated regarding nutrition and also health matters and are able to control and sometimes eliminate many of the seniors health conditions.

One of the main fears that the elderly face is that of dementia of one form or another. The most commonly known is Alzheimer’s Disease but there are others. This affects the patients mind and can be the cause of heartache for a caring partner who will feel unable to help. They will find that they spend much of their time caring for the patient whilst at the same time having to accept the fact that they are becoming more distant as the disease progresses. This can be aggravated if the carer is also suffering from any one of the other senior citizens health conditions, either physically or mentally.

Other serious conditions can often include strokes. Post stroke problems can vary hugely depending on the severity of the attack and the level of recovery of the patient. Sometimes a stroke can result in partial paralysis. This obviously has a far reaching affect within the elderly and may jeopardise their ability to get out and visit family and friends. Even the most simple tasks, which were taken for granted previously, may now cause a problem; shopping, housework etc . Strokes are high on the list of older persons health conditions, but , they are also the subject of a lot of investigation and our own understanding of the subject is increasing all the time. Post stroke care has improved a great deal and in some cases patients now recover fully.

Heart disease has been an increasing problem in all age groups, however continues to be a main factor in contributing to senior citizens health issues. Once again, however , research is good on the subject along with our knowledge increasing all the time. Surgical options are becoming more common and the expertise in the field has contributed to many lives being extended.

There are a number of older folks health conditions which can be helped by a careful diet being followed during each of our earlier years. Osteoporosis, rheumatism and arthritis have all been the subject of studies and tests. Some foods have been found to be a great help in reducing the chances of becoming a sufferer.